family unpacking from residential move with our local moving company austin tx

Whether you need to make a quick stop at storage, drop off a couch at a friend's place, or pick up a piece of furniture at a furniture store, we are here to help!

What all is included with this option?

This option includes a (2) man crew - experienced movers that have been in the industry for years! We do have additional crew size options available depending on the size of your move and the services you elect.

This option also includes the moving truck. Our trucks range in size from 20FT - 36FT. It is our goal to send the truck size that would best accommodate your move size however, we cannot guarantee a specific truck size will be sent for your move or that your belongings will all be moved in a single trip.

There is no cost difference for the different size trucks.

Our trucks come equipped with moving pads, stretch wrap, dollies, a gondola box, and a tool kit to assist with the moving process.

-ATX Movers utilizes moving blankets to pad necessary furniture or stretch wrap accordingly. Stretch can be used for a bunch of different scenarios when moving, such as keeping loose items bundled together on the truck, securing power cords or attachments to appliances, wrapping couches to keep them from getting dirty during the move, wrapping furniture to keep the moving pads in place and adding an extra protective coating, and to keep furniture drawers and doors closed and secured.

-We provide assistance with disassembly/reassembly of furniture.

Moving extra heavy items or large household appliances?

Appliances such as a refrigerator, washer, dryer, freezer, dishwasher, or stove can be relocated by ATX Movers while moving your property however, the teams are unable to assist with the disconnect and reconnect of these large household appliances to power or water sources.

IMPORTANT!! The teams do not claim to have the skill and expertise held by a professional installer to handle these functions.

Extra heavy items such as a Piano, Safe, or Pool Table typically require additional equipment or manpower to be moved safely. Therefore, there is normally an additional fee associated with these items. Please make sure to let us know prior to move day to avoid an unexpected delay or expense!

What can I expect for move day with this option?

Customer packs their own personal belongings into boxes prior to move day.
If you require our assistance with this part of the process, please refer to our Packing Service option.

Check out our Packing Tips-Guidelines for information regarding packing!
You will receive a call from the team assigned to assist with your move as they head your direction within the designated time slot.

Upon arrival, the team will perform a walk through to confirm the scope of work, prior to beginning the move process. Please make sure you communicate with the team which items will be dropped off and/or picked up at the additional stops so they can organize the truck for time efficiency.

Once the paperwork has been executed, the team would begin the process of prepping your applicable furniture items utilizing furniture pads and stretch wrap, disassembly of furniture if needed, and then will load all personal belongings into the moving truck.

After all items are loaded into the truck, we would transport your belongings to the applicable stops as arranged for drop off or pick up where applicable. Your personal belongings would be placed into the corresponding rooms at each location.

Any items that require reassembly would be taken care of at that time.